Monday, February 20, 2012

A new year a new me.

A hard beginning maketh a good ending. This is my first post of 2012 so I thought I would reflect on some of the goals I made for 2011. One of my goals from 2011 was to buy a car which I did and it’s a lot more expensive than I thought it would be. And it put a lot of responsibility on me which is cool I guess because with freedom comes responsibility right? Another goal I had was to learn how to cook. And what I learned from this goal is that you can’t expect to learn to cook in a year. Cooking is one of those things you learn as you grown, so what I did instead is make a cook book full of recipes I love. Another goal I set was to have better financial management and this goal was a real challenge one that I’m still dealing with and has being really trying at times. However it’s really good to have a family that is always there for you no matter what you’re going through. So some of my goals for this year are move out, practice the guitar every day, work out every day, and be more financially stable. So as for my quote: a hard beginning maketh a good ending – like this year (2012) and trying to be more financially stable is really really hard because of where I left off at the end of 2011, but hopefully from this hard beginning I can reach my good ending. I know it will be tough but I’m stepping up to the plate grabbing my helmet and accepting the challenge.


  1. Yea Lora! I always love reading your posts. I've missed your entries. Have a great year!